Founded in 2005 by François Defrain and Olivier Souquet, the DE-SO agency’s achievements include winning a Nouveaux Albums des Jeunes Architectes (NAJA), a French award for young architects. Since winning its first three European competitions, the agency has developed a wide range of skills, in areas ranging from public amenities to town planning studies.

Our attention to the specific geography and location of every project can be seen in our architectural creations as well as in our town planning projects.

Each project’s intended uses, functionality and materials are all underpinned by our mastery of the drawing, where geometry meets geography.


Our regular entries in national and international competitions reflect the many fields of research in which we are involved.

Just like our completed projects, which are noted for their qualities in terms of design, construction and innovation, our thought processes reveal our rigour and perseverance in carefully managing each project to ensure flawless execution.

We work on projects in the fields of culture and heritage, education, the service sector, healthcare and housing. We create guiding plans for large territories, and undertake coordination missions, town planning projects and enhancements of remarkable sites.

Always attentive to the future challenges facing construction and the urban environment, we are constantly updating our skills to reflect changes in the profession (HQE, BIM, etc.) and developing our expertise in four main areas of research : – the innovative use of wood and bio-based materials – restructuring and large-scale conversions – studying future needs or new programmes in the fields of culture, heritage and education – integration with the local area Driven by our convictions and an ongoing reflection on our own operations, we strive to develop innovative and ambitious projects.

As part of our commitment to exporting our outlook and expertise, especially in South-East Asia, in 2016 we have opened an Vietnamese office in Hô Chi Minh City, DE-SO Asia.