DE-SO Asia move to Thao Dien district – HCMC, Vietnam

DE-SO Asia agency move to  THẢO ĐIỀN

28 Thao Dien, Thao Dien Ward District 2 – Ho Chi Minh City

Tel   +84 8 6685 5683


History of De-So in Vietnam

In 2008, the DE-SO agency unanimously won the international competition of the central plaza of Thu Thiem and the park along the Saïgon river at HCMV.

The following year DE-SO wins the urban planning contest of Gia Lam in Hanoi. The project of 1200 hectares was the opportunity to demonstrating the urban knowledge of the agency, attentive to the Vietnamese identity and its attentions to the great ecological and sustainable challenges for Vietnam.

The agency was commissioned for large urban plans in the Mekong Delta by private investors.

It realizes the counter-expertise of the master plan of Can Tho, on HCMC commissioned by the World Bank on the development for the study of the east-west Boulevard   (work done with the urban planning agency of Lyon and the PADDI).

In 2012 the agency wins the city planning exhibition center on Thu Thiem area (18.000 square meter) for the people committee, the project will be completed in 2017.

In 2015 the agency opens DE-SO Asia under the direction of Duy Nguyen Khanh.

In early 2016, the agency moved to Thao Dien, in a space managed by the landscape designer NGUYEN Manh Binh San.

In 2016 the agency began working on high-rise buildings on the urban plans of Danang, Can Gio, Sam Son and the village of Ba Trang.

With Dai Quang Minh De-So work on the basic design of Thu Thiem Plaza and Park