DE-SO Asia presentation video

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François Defrain and Olivier Souquet co-founded DE-SO Architecture agency in 1995 in Paris and since 30 years, together they have gradually affirmed their position via many international awards and achievements. These accomplishments have demonstrated the high-demanding quality and innovative thinking in DE-SO ‘s approach to Architecture and design.

One of the most remarkable strengths of the agency is lying on Public Architecture (libraries, theaters, music conservatories, and schools), Cultural Architecture (museums, heritage sites etc) and Urban planning. In France, DE-SO has been working with Louis Vuitton since 2019 to design their production workshops for leather and bags in different regions.

After winning the first prize in the Thu Thiem New Urban Area Design Competition for the Central Plaza & Crescent Park in 2008, DE-SO decided to set footprint in Asia and exposed the agency to a new chapter of international development which focuses on the increasing demands in Vietnam and South-Eastern Asia.

In 2016, the founders of DE-SO opened DE-SO Asia Design Consultant JSC with full conditions to practice according to the regulations of the Vietnamese government to concretize their business development ambition and their attachment to Vietnam.

In Vietnam, DE-SO keeps imposing the predominant strength in Public and Culture Architecture and on Urban Planning throughout many successful projects.
DE-SO Asia has collaborated with various private investors and public developers such as the Departments of Construction in different cities to develop complex urban planning areas, from small to large scales of both rural and urban zones across the country.
Thanks to a wide network of local and international partners, a strong connection of multi cultural professional workers in Vietnam and France, DE-SO has the ability to offer a complete professional service package in varying industries such as hospitality, residential housings, hospitals, heritage sites etc.

Our identity relies on our in-depth expertise in the locality features of different regional areas combined with the “savoir faire” to apprehend and incorporate sophisticatedly these features into our designs and planning works.

Our designs dedicate a special attention attributed to the surrounding environment of each project. The harmonious integration of local practices, cultural functions and local materials is directly shown on each drawing, through which the relationship between geography and geometry is resolved in the finest and most optimal way. Our environmental concern in a broad sense is indicated in sustainable construction, optimisation of costs and materials, prioritisation of organic materials. In the context of multiple ecological changes happening on a global scale, research on innovation and use of sustainable materials such as the use of wood is playing a challenged yet essential al role in our mission’s approach.
Together with a dynamic team of 20 people in Vietnam, DE-SO Asia is willing to keep moving forward, to constantly innovate and expand our fields of expertise so that to bring diversified services which are of highest quality standards to our clients in Asia and worldwide.