High rise building Hoa Sen – Quy Nhon, Vietnam

The project provides a compromise between the mineral mass, thickness of the sand and earth (the base and its link to the ground) the vegetal lightness of the wind rustling in the fields and the rippling waves (the towers and the sky) As the Yin and the Yang, the man and the woman, the project consists of architectural elements that echo and reinforce each other. The base emerges from the mineral side of the town, from the sand of the beach. The towers flare in the air like rice stalks bent by the Wind On the ground, the heavy and mysterious base, as a stone heavily anchored, contains commercial activity. Density, sturdiness forms the roots of the project, a tactile presence with the city. Up above, elegance, shininess of the facades with large continuous balconies reflects the changing colors of the sky like grass stems swaying in the Wind.

The project