High rise Building Thu Thiem – HCMC, Vietnam

The building responds humbly and intelligently to the surrounding context which consists of cultural and public projects such as City Planning Exhibition Center, Opera House, Central Plaza and Riverside Crescent Park.

It introduces a public terracing courtyard which invites more customers interaction and maximizes its profit.

River Terrace tower creates a precedent for the new financial district: modern, elegant, comfortable, functionally optimal, as well as environmentally friendly, efficient in energy use and full of natural green spaces.

Being the fundamental element in the design of transitional spaces between characteristic urban context of the building site, in the center of most expensive buildings and public spaces in the future of Thu Thiem peninsula, terraces and balconies are arranged on steps of center courtyard that form linkage bridges between floors. This is the most dynamic and busy area of the building in both day and night, where shopping, food and beverage, meeting friends and work collaboration are held.

Outdoor steps, landscaped gardens are organized in the center of building.

Multi functional space to separate the office and commercial programs. In here, office workers, shooping guests as well as visitors will have large area for seatings, landscape, water features and ponds. This is the principal design idea that form the image of «river terrace» for name of building.

River Terrace tower rises on the new ground of Thu Thiem to form a landmark in the future urban landscape, and sets a new benchmark for office towers on the Thu Thiem peninsula.

River Terrace is the key milestone for the development of «Pudong» of Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City in the future.


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