Contemporary refurbishment of the Saint Anne prison – Avignon (France)

The old Saint Anne prison is locate near of the Palais des Papes (Avignon, Provence) it is a building more than 140 m long and 60 wide.

The upgrading operation brings a mix of programs, ranging from intergenerational housing to an artistic and cultural waste, to generate new social, cultural and urban links.

The project creates an underground parking level and an elevation of part of the building.

Preserving as much as possible existing buildings, the project reconnects with its urban fabric. Partial demolition of the surrounding wall creates urban plots around the prison and protected inner courtyards.

The spaces reserved for the future inhabitants, those of the fallow land, the co-working or the shops are clearly defined, facilitating their management and strengthening their links.

A glass roof and two small blocks of housing mark the contemporary intervention.