Pedestrian Bridges Saigon River

275 ml

HCMC Vietnam


2 pedestrians bridges link the new urban Area Thu Thiem to the district 1, center of HCMC

DE-SO Lamoureux Ricciotti RFR Vietnam

Design team


Construction cost
25 m Usd

Conceptual Design


The two pedestrian bridges spanning 300m above the Saigon river connecting the historic city center with the new financial district in Thu Thiem new urban area.

The bridges will be used by pedestrians, and bicyclists alike, and will be observation platforms for sightseeing. They also feature spaces for street food, refreshment and crowd activities.


Made entirely of ultra-high performance fiber concrete, the bridges achieve incredible thinness and lightness that is only seen in metal structure.

The bridges are not straight but turn and branch when meeting the ground, to facilitate pedestrian connections to important places such as the historic Nguyen Hue Boulevard or the new Central Plaza.

Video of the project