Bai Hom Luxury eco resort

49.5 hectars

Ninh Tuan Province


A remarkable land
The study area is located in Nui Chua National Park, three sides bordering the national park, one side bordering the hollow beach and connecting with the urban area by provincial road 702. With a unique, diverse and picturesque vista of the surrounding area, the scene has two types of scenery: a valley in the middle extending to the west with quiet hills and diverse vegetation of National Park and East with natural beach still unspoiled.

Gia Viet

Design team


Construction cost
20 M. Usd

1/500, Basic Design


In such a luxury eco-resort the strategy is to optimize the place of the natural environment in order to give every guest the feeling of unique communion with nature and the feeling of privacy.
The villas and the bungalows are combined to create small hamlets. To save the scrawling, the strategy is to design double villas and double bungalows. Their layouts are designed to preserve a total privacy of each of them. It is possible to combine them two by two on the slope while also preserving the same privacy.


With a beautiful stretch of Vietnam’s coastline and surrounded by Nui Chua National Park, the resort looks like a natural paradise overlooking the East Sea from afar. From restaurants and cliff-top pools, to lakeside spas and private white-sand beaches, the resort offers unlimited opportunities for outdoor exploration, cultural experiences and relaxation.
The resort includes services and facilities located mainly along the main axis from the entrance to the beach. Reception area and management office with delivery area closed to the entrance and to the car parking to avoid vehicles inside the resort.