Can Gio Planning project

135 Ha

Can Gio HCMC Vietnam


Can Gio’s project is specific because it deals with a mangrove environment and the preservation of existing flora and fauna.
The project structures a tourist leisure base with multiple functions and allowing several types of investments;
The existing site is made up of mangroves and old brackish water shrimp breeding grounds.

Vietnamese people used the name of "NƯỚC" to refer to Vietnam Country

The program:
Create a connection between human and nature
Experiences activities, exploring natural landscape
Preserving and regeneration the mangrove area, create the identity
E-co tourism, reducing impacts on natural existing eco system
Creating the pavilions where we have beautiful views
Quite spaces for relaxing
Creating spaces for Yoga and meditation
Spiritual spaces where preserve the traditional values
Relaxing activities, Spa and healthcare services
Activities for different generationActivities come along with nature
Educate knowledge about nature
Creating the natural biology for animals

Landscape Architecture Association

Design team

DE-SO Asia

Construction cost



Retaining the existing mangrove landscape, with the concept of a natural landscape like 2 green lungs providing an ecological environment for the tourist area
Different areas of sightseeing villages are formed, with buildings suitable for the ecology and characteristics of the land.
The project and programs are linked through the main traffic route and the secondary ring road, easily accessible
With the idea of a recreational center lake in the middle of area, it bringing people closer to nature in combination with recreational activities. The water surface is still retained with the current flows, creating a boat tour to see different landscapes


Located in the ecological area and the mangrove area that needs conservation, the project should only be built with low density
The design of buildings that blend in with the nature of the area by using roof language, such as boats during the Ngu Ong festival in Can Gio, is reminiscent of culture. At the same time, this design also creates different gaps, giving visitors an interesting view to the forest outside.