Chi Linh Hai Duong

800 hectars

Hai Duong province


Chi Linh is a land of talented people, located in a charming Son Thuy location, including mountainous areas, plains and the confluence of 6 rivers called «Luc Dau Giang». In the long history and cultural traditions,
the land of Chi Linh is associated with the names of many famous celebrities in the nation’s history.
The available potential of historical tourism is a key economic direction for many years to come, contributing to promoting economic growth in the whole region, combined with the development of other economic fields, is a favorable condition for
Chi Linh to become a city of its own.

TH Group

Design team

DE-SO Asia

1/500 concept


Sustainable agro-industrial and city development must consider the elements and principles of sustainable development based on economic, social, environmental, but also wellness and cultural aspects.

This means practical and long-term economic benefits must be ensured for all participants, with respect and protection of the authenticity of social culture and heritage as well as values of transmission.

A development system that towards optimal use of environmental resources, conservation of natural heritage.


Preserving and honoring the historical value of Ngu Dai Pagoda

Create a destination where traditional values are kept, a spiritual tourism destination and also a landmark with the majestic natural landscape of Ngu Dai Mountain

Connecting the surrounding tourism destination to form a spiritual tourism complex, honoring traditional historical values