Cultural center – Evry (France)

2500 m2

Evry (France)

Completed 2014

The project is situated in an urban articulation between the districts of the Evry center and Evry Village

Community of Agglomeration Evry-Center-Essone

Design team


Construction cost
7,6 M€ HT

Complete + Construction supervision


The project organises its program according to its requirements  :

– Exterior openings on the media library are turned to a constant light from the North and the landscaped wood
– Interiority for the conservatoire which gives venues of varying proportions rolling up around a landscaped and bright patio. Classrooms on the edges have direct natural light. The open interior patio is only accessible for maintenance
– Centrality for the activity room, a mixed and versatile tool. It is placed between the two entities as an extension of the showroom opposite the main front desk. It has a double height and a large width with 100 sitting seats.



The exterior facades combine concrete walls and precast concrete plates BEFUP. All the envelope is dotted with the same pattern. This mineral skin rustles like foliage and filters the light like a tree canopy.

The walls in shuttered concrete color «Bourgogne stone» incorporate a matrix inspired of motifs Sumerian writings.

The precast panels are hung and made in fibers of concrete . The joints are not visible and give to the ensemble a mineral density.
In tint «dark tobacco», they are used as siding, sunshades and anti-vandal reinforcement.

The basis continue on the ground floor on the interior walls. His perception becomes tactile, its sensuality and its color «Terre de Sienne» warmly envelops the visitor. A horizontal lineage obtained by sandblasting strengthens the horizontality of the project.

The healthy materials contribute to a peaceful environment. Open spaces are upon the outside, the North, light and the forest to the media-library.
Mineral density, natural and massive impression, the great walls of concrete tooled bring softness and velvety to the circulation areas and to the large reading room of the medialibrary.