Dong Xoai City planning

160 ha

Province de Bình Phước


The project in the province of Binh Phuoc in the city of Dong Xoai is an urban project on 160 hectares of new town. The city is well situated around an artificial lake, and with slight hillocks planted with trees.
The project uses topography to enhance parks at the tops of existing hillocks.
Public commercial spaces are grouped along a central axis.
Public buildings and schools are grouped with public park spaces that preserve existing forests.
Several typologies are used and different programs will bring variety to a city where social diversity is sought.
Project in phase of urban concept.


Design team

DE-SO Asia

Construction cost

Concept 1/500


The project is developing several strategies to retain rainwater and filter it in the city. Several roofs are planted to also retain rainwater.
Shade spaces are favored, and there will be a mixed housing program guaranteeing the harmonious development of the city.


Sustainable planning approach with strategy to minimize artificial soil on the city.