Garden apartel – Nha Trang (Vietnam)

14000 m2

Nha Trang (Vietnam)

Concept Design 2015

20-storey building for three-star hotel and commercial apartments

NHTI / TNHH Dau Khach san va Du lich

Design team

DE-SO lead architect / TUAN&A local architect / RFR VN structure

Construction cost
8,3 M€ HT

Concept Design


The project is 20 floors tall and is divided into 2 separate parts: hotel on the lower floors and commercial apartments on the upper floors.
The hotel part consists of 80 tree-star guestrooms on 4 floors.
The commercial apartment part has 114 one-bedroom units, 24 two to tree-bedroom units and 4 penthouses.
In addition, the project has a basement and a roof terrace with swimming pool and bar.


The site is in the city center, with close proximity to the central plaza.
It is 5 minutes of taxi away from the train station and 45 minutes away from Cam Ranh International Airport.
The site is nearly secluded by the surrounding buildings, with views to the sea only available  from 16-17th floor up.
There is little natural lighting and ventilation for the lower floors.
Green voids are created to bring into each apartment or guestroom an open space and to reduce the feeling of tightness from the site.