Ho Chi Minh Memorial

45 hectars

Kim Lien Nghe An Province


Memorial Ho Chi Minh in his native village in Nghe An Province


Design team

DE-SO Asia

Construction cost



The memorial is nestled between two forgotten rivers whose traces can still be read in some places. Open and transparent pavilions are organized on a grid line perpendicular to the main axis.
There will be a Research and Communication Center about President Ho Chi Minh, training schools, a reception building and an enclosed logistics area, accommodation (collective housing for organized institutional visits and individual housing for groups or families).
A documentary center, area specifically for handicrafts products, a diversity of restaurants, and a museum.


One of the challenges is for the memorial to be open every day of the year with a variety of activities for a wide variety of public of all ages and all nationalities. Across a wide range of cultural beliefs, the mirror retains the same symbolic meanings, representing the highest wisdom and knowledge.
This project proposal is a reference tool, serving as a premise for discussion and the development of a well-crafted program in the next steps. The principle of the project is to set up an integrated implementation system that is flexible and adaptable enough to have room for changes and modifications. Any of the constituent pieces can evolve, move, disappear and a unique entity will be composed.
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