Hotel and Resort – Nha Trang (Vietnam)

55780 m2

Nha Trang (Vietnam)

Competition 2015

Five-star hotel and resort complex with an organic and protected green oasis

MB Land

Design team

DE-SO lead architect / RFR VN str / MCA LANDSCAPE

Construction cost
30 M€ HT

Competition - Second Prize


Construction of a five-star hotel – resort complex:
– 200+ luxurious guestrooms, apartments, villas
– restaurants, supermarket, spa, gym, auditorium, offices, etc.
– landscape, greenery, water feautures, pedestrian paths


The project employs elements of ancient Cham culture and unique climatic-geological characteristics of the locality to create an overall harmony between the man-made and natural, between the modern and the traditional.
The site is covered with white sand and native desert plants. The sand dunes cutting through the middle of the site create favorable opportunities to build panoramic views to the South China Sea á well as to the Annamite Mountains. These factors will be preserved and promoted throughout the project to create a memory of the natural identity for staying guests. Architectural and landscape solutions such as native plants, water reservoirs, loggias and pergolas are utilized to combat the rigors of the local climate.

Located on a portion of the mystic and colorful Cham culture, the project inherits its values of building materials and methods of spatial organization. Terracotta tiles and rammed earth is widely used throughout the construction of the project. The building area is concentrated on one side of the site, conserving the maximum of nature. An organic green oasis in the center is protected by the rigid building blocks, visualizing the peacefulness and spirituality of of Champa temples.