Thi Nai lagoon

7.500 Ha

Binh Dinh Province Vietnam


Landscape project approach, with economic and social particularities of the territory and imagines a long-term and sustainable economic strategy.

Province of Binh Dinh

Design team


international Competition first prize


Thi Nai is a large lagoon adjacent to the downtown area of Quy Nhon city. Home to a network of saltwater agriculture and sparsely developed lands, the lagoon is gifted with many beautiful natural landscapes such as mountains, rivers and beaches. The mission is to develop new strategies for different parts of the lagoon that not only trigger economic growth but also reserve the natural beauty and cultural identity of the place.


The strategy is to reorganize existing urban fabric, to reorient development direction for failing industrial zones, and to introduce new urban areas for eco-tourism, connections, high-tech farming, organic food processing and sustainable technologies.
The concept is centered around the identity of the lagoon, which is its natural landscapes and its agricultural roots, which is to develop an ecological and sustainable area mixed between urban-rural centers.