City master plan – Can Duoc (Vietnam)

175 ha

Can Duoc (Vietnam)


New urban development of Can Duoc City

Phuoc Loc Houses / Trading Constructions Investment Co LTD

Design team

DE-SO lead architect

Construction cost

Master plan 1/2000


New Urban Development of Can Duoc City, situated 35 km from Ho Chi Minh City).

Expansion of the city, growing from 25 000 to 45 000 people. Agricultural production in the city.

Creating a attractive center  of the city and increeease the value of the existing river with creation of new embankment.
Regulation of water with artificial dikes (salinity of the river from the sea because of climate change).


The concept of the project derives from Vietnam’s ancestral history.
Can Duoc is an interface between land and water.
The project develops a new district link with dikes as the histical construction of linear city in Vietnam.
Saline water are stopped by the dikes.
The project develops a water system integrated with flooding area, creating a dense city that is humid and liable to flooding environment.