My Tho Touristic center and resort

14 hectars

My Tho Vietnam


The main function of the project is to build a new cultural touristic project focusing on showcasing Vietnamese craftmanship, comparable to the Bat Trang Village in the North.
A ceramic village for tourism and services to promote the cultural activities in the South of Vietnam.
Accommodated with a hotel to host overnight guest. A food court center to serve the on-site visitors to organize big guided tours for groups visitors and to offer a playground for everyone at any time of the day.

Gom Viet

Design team

DE-SO Asia

Construction cost

Concept Design


3 principles guide the project
The first is to create an attractive, atypical place with events (day and night) while preserving the existing orchards.
The second is to develop multifunction buildings.
The third is to develop an economy on the spot with the craft villages, to promote the circular economy. Create an artists’ house for stays.It is an ecological demonstration project with local bio-sourced materials with low CO² emissivity, with autonomous waste and water management.


Using material of the site, versatile program.