Marina City Nha Trang

244.613 m²

Nha Trang Vietnam


1850 Housings, Hotels and commercials areas

Christal Bay

Design team

DE-SO + ARDOR + RFR Vietnam

Construction cost
146 M €

Conceptual design


The location of the site is exceptional: between sea and mountains. The Marina Bay project weaves links the nature and the city, the steep mountain ridges and the superb horizontality of Nha Trang Bay.

The project will define the city’s skyline for decades. These towers sculpt the horizon, as identifiable icons as the Cham temples superbly implanted from the beginning of the century VI along the Vietnamese coast.


The first concept is to develop a project which brings the identity and specificity of places, its history, its geography, with a care to culture, art and functions, against the development of an international architecture which is undifferentiated and homogeneous.
The second concept is to work in harmony with the nature, the climate and the geography with the beautiful views framed by the shapes of the surrounding mountains.
A podium of 4 levels with 2 basements organizes all economic activities for a diverse and varied tourists with a mixed cultural, sports, commercial and leisure program.
On the ground floor are naturally located the lobbies of the hotel in relation to shopping malls and access to the various floors by the elevators.
Shop windows on the street sidewalk strengthem the pedestrian walkway of the city-center.
The interior space consists of a large triple height atrium on the inner garden.
The programming is flexible, versatile.

The organization in plan is simple, adapts (according to the investors) towards the cultural, or the leisure or only the commercial one or brings together all these functions.
The customers’ cars are organized at the north and the south of the project by several drop offs.
In the basement of the project is organized car parks and logistical spaces necessary for the maintenance of a palace and a base of activities. High ceilings allow vans to deliver loads from kitchens and stores.