Van Hien University HCMC

15.966 m²

HCMC Vietnam


The construction of the facade of the Van Hien university at HCMC (D7) begins in April, to allow the university to open in autumn 2020
The project is the cladding of an existing university building with a new filtering facade on 8 levels.

Hung Hau Group

Design team

DE-SO Principal with ARDOR RFR

Construction cost

Full Design Package


It is a lively noble facade on an important axis of Ho Chi Minh City.
An open peripheral outer passageway encloses the classrooms of Van Hien University.
The slender dimension on two floors of the posts, amplifies the height and the nobility of the facade.


The singularity of a facade colored with blue and green colors of the university in the background, reinforces the effect of depth and filter.
This refreshing color is particular and recall the interiors of houses in the Mekong Delta.