48 logements – Ostwald (67)

3.024 m2

Ostwald (67) Strasbourg

Delivery 2016

Construction of social housing and home ownership in the Rives du Bohrie ZAC

Perspective Immobilier / TOA architect planner

Design team

DE-SO mandataire / ILIOS bet tce et hqe

Construction cost
4,1 M€ HT

Full Design Package


Construction of 48 collective housing from T2 to T5, including:
-21 housing units intended for buyers,
-27 social housing.
-parking in the basement.


Located at the corner of Boulevard du Bohrie, the building is located in the bow of the new district.
The compactness of the building makes it possible to offer large loggias on the lower floors and terrace-gazebos on the upper floors.
Two free-standing, chiseled and sparkling towers filter daylight and light up at night. The interior and exterior materials give the building its status as a luxury building.

Bâtiment BBC / Label H&E