Singapore Founder’s memorial

20.000 m²



The Singapore Founders Memorial is an urban installation with a city-wide scale.
This installation is anchored in the city’s new ground gained from the sea. This will be one of the new highlights of the city – a symbol and an iconic postcard image made for “selfies” in the future. Its design mimics the shape of a circle and an interconnected dome that binds together the people of Singapore.

City of Singapore

Design team

DE-SO Asia

Construction cost
70 M. Euros



Turning to the memories of the founders of the city, the memorial carries a positive message about both rallying and unity to future generations.

This structure is associated with geographical characteristics and also the geometrical dimension of the city that lies between land and water.
The project is a unique place that maintains close relationship with the climate conditions there.
The project is an installation for the 21st century, using a variety of lighting equipment and spatial layout.
This is an architectural installation that operates like a camera capturing the daytime and nighttime atmosphere.
It opens up a horizon line from the city during the day, when the sun rises, and faces the city’s vertical and iconic skyscrapers in the setting sun.


The body of this architectural arrangement sparkles with light when the sun rises and reflects light on the celestial dome.

The multi-function esplanade, located along the quay and at the foot of the memorial, is a dynamic space:
– The square with a temporary mirror background is the place to organize lighting events, water fountains and 3-dimensional projection (holograms)
– The mineral-like forum is the venue that brings together important events at the bay

The use of the park space will coordinate with the memorial. The pedestrian path rises from under the protective arch, at the top of the belvedere leading to the observatory, where the panorama on the city is framed with the sun during twilight.