Administrative city – Nha Trang (Vietnam)

12 ha

Nha Trang (Vietnam)

Competition 2015

Urban development plan for the future Khanh Hoa administrative city

FLC Group

Design team

DE-SO lead architect / ATEK local architect

Construction cost
210 M€ HT

Planning Task


At the Quan Truong river mouth, with a sensitive ecosystem and salted basin, the site is sensitive to climate change as well as a place with a ecological diversity, which preserves water for the entire city during cycles of river water tides.

The new administrative city master plan is organized with conteporary spaces. It is a symbol for leadership, for traditionalism
as well as a respect for the ecological environment.


The essential concept is to create a project with an identity that is regional, historical, cultural and artistic as well as to accommodate the program and to resist the “international” style of architecture that is both uniform and strange to the local contexte.

The project is dubbed the “green citadel” of the 21st century Vietnam. The cartesian forms and the normal geometries on the site contrast with the naturally curvalinear and poetic shapes of the river flow.

The proposal celebrates interactions between nature and city, between the excitement of the rolling hills and the flatness of the quiet swamps.