Urban development – Gia Lam (Vietnam)

1200 ha

Gia Lam (Vietnam)

First prize 2009

New urban organization for development area of Gia Lam City in Hanoi

VIDIFI (Director of Vietnam infrastructure development and finance investment)

Design team

DE-SO lead urban planner / C. DALNOKY landscape

Construction cost



New urban development area and construction of Gia Lam City in Hanoi (Vietnam).
New urban organisation of the city.
Creation of a Recreation science park near the Red and Duong Rivers.
Creation of a business-administrative and residential district.
This future urban development is on the new Hanoï-Haï Phong express way route.


The project proposes a new relation to Vietnam’s Heritage Land. Gia Lam initiates the meeting of the water and the land. The existing conditions on site are typical of old developed landscape, mainly devoted to agricultural use, with a hydrographic network which can feed or drain the site, in connection with different hydrological situations. The project develops different neighborhoods, different atmospheres (island,natural and mineral banks). The proposed streets and are the same dimensions as the existing streets in Hanoi, and the urban density is the same as the city center of Hanoi.